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A liqueur that has long been known on the Istrian peninsula. It is produced by maceration of mistletoe leaves (Viscum album L.) in Istrian komovica. Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that grows in the shape of a bush, usually at the top of the branches. The fruits are semi-transparent berries and are not used for the production of brandy, but only twigs with leaves are used for that. They are harvested in a certain period of spring and autumn. The leaves are previously partially dried and in the process of maceration are combined in pure compost. The maceration process takes place at room temperature. We produce it by a process inherent in the production of liqueur, which means that it is produced on brandy toast and sugar syrup in which the aroma and taste and color of mistletoe naturally blend. According to ancient records, biska is specific for its healing properties

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Wine is a project started by nature and completed by man. Altitude ranging from 200 to 350 meters, sunny slightly hilly landscape, flysch soil and microclimate form a whole where we create the preconditions for the vine to give its best. At this altitude the temperature and structure of the soil are in perfect balance. By hand-picking grapes, we ensure that only the highest quality fruit is turned into wine. The whole process, from growing grapes to wine production, takes place under the watchful eye of oenologist Patrik Sinković, who created the preconditions for constant and recognizable quality.

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