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A liqueur obtained by distilling an old variety of gypsy cherry and top-quality Cabernet Sauvignon from the Siber winery. Lower percentage of alcohol, sweet, and harmonious aromas of cherries and wine combined in this unique liqueur.

Year of manufacture
kn 19,24

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About the manufacturer
JEDNA is a project of two enthusiasts who wanted to produce a top product from top quality fruit, which they produce on eleven hectares of their own plantations, pour it into a top bottle and offer it to people to enjoy. They wanted to produce a product in the heart of Slavonia without artificial flavors, perfumes and industrial alcohols and prove that in the traditional way, through the richness of God-given flavors and aromas contained in fruit, one can become aware of the culture of drinking fruit brandies and liqueurs. The fruit we produce is carefully picked and ground and mashed with modern machines, ie the stones and stalks are removed so that only the best of the fruit remains. Such fruit mass is stored in special containers where fermentation takes place under controlled conditions, without the presence of oxygen and at a certain temperature. The next step is distillation. It is done in traditional copper cauldrons that are heated on wood. Each brandy was obtained by double distillation. After distillation, the brandy is filtered and stored for aging. After aging for twelve months in stainless steel tanks and barrique oak barrels, the brandy is ready to be bottled.

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