Product name

Malvasia Barrique


Dry quality wine, extremely structured. It is obtained by longer maceration on a pomace to extract all the aromas of the skin which is a valuable treasure for such a style of wine. Subsequent aging in special Slavonian oak barrels of 250 liters in a period of 6 to 12 months on their own yeasts, the wine takes on a completely different contour. The aroma of ripe fruit with notes of vanilla and caramel. The taste of Malvasia barrique is full, intense. Later-harvest aromas (tertiary aromas), notes of oak, chocolate and milky details come to the fore on the palate. A wine with a more pronounced character that surprises with its ease of drinking.

Year of manufacture
12,5 – 13,5%

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About the winery
Wine is a project started by nature and completed by man. Altitude ranging from 200 to 350 meters, sunny slightly hilly landscape, flysch soil and microclimate form a whole where we create the preconditions for the vine to give its best. At this altitude the temperature and structure of the soil are in perfect balance. By hand-picking grapes, we ensure that only the highest quality fruit is turned into wine. The whole process, from growing grapes to wine production, takes place under the watchful eye of oenologist Patrik Sinković, who created the preconditions for constant and recognizable quality.

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