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Muscat Momjanski Semi-sweet


Quality white wine with the rest of the sugar, produced from the Muscat Momjan grape variety. Due to the specific agro-ecological conditions in the area of ​​Momjan, it achieves an extraordinary quality of grapes. The wine is of top quality, fine, unobtrusive Muscat aroma. Its color depends on the technological process of processing and care, and varies from light greenish-yellow to high yellow tones. Mostly medium strong or strong wine. It is full and rounded, nutmeg flavor, which stays in the mouth for a long time, accompanied by the harmony of unfermented sugar. Due to the selected positions of high sugar content in the grapes with a pronounced aroma and early ripening, it is suitable for the production of dessert wines. Muscat Momjan semi-sweet is a wine the color of light gold, a unique taste on the palate and a characteristic nutmeg aroma with notes of elderflower and wild herbs. Specific variety of Momjan microlocation which, due to its historical and aromatic specificity, has received a protected designation of origin

Year of manufacture
11,5 – 12,5%

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About the winery
Wine is a project started by nature and completed by man. Altitude ranging from 200 to 350 meters, sunny slightly hilly landscape, flysch soil and microclimate form a whole where we create the preconditions for the vine to give its best. At this altitude the temperature and structure of the soil are in perfect balance. By hand-picking grapes, we ensure that only the highest quality fruit is turned into wine. The whole process, from growing grapes to wine production, takes place under the watchful eye of oenologist Patrik Sinković, who created the preconditions for constant and recognizable quality.

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