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Rajnski Rizling


It is immediately clear that it is a Riesling. It is also clear that it is a bald Riesling. And it is especially nice that it is clear that it is a Riesling from the Jagunić winery. The color is a little darker, it reveals that the berries have been swimming in their own juice for a while, but it is still an attractive golden yellow, and the smell leaves no doubt about the variety.

It is layered but unobtrusive. Citruses break through a ripe apple, followed by walnuts, a little honey and a delicate scent of kerosene. Full and typical Riesling aroma of colder climates. It has a delicate and soft taste that reminds of ripe fruit even more than the smell. Fresh, not so much from acids, but from minerality, and smooth. It’s not sweet, but it’s delicious. Exquisite. The Lord in the sense in which the word is used for man, and may also be for Riesling, the variety which yields the greatest white wines in the world.

And at the table is a gentleman, aware enough of his qualities that he is not ashamed to show that he likes simple dishes like juicy roast pork, and he also likes fatter freshwater fish, dwarf catfish and larger wild carp. Or sturgeon, an endangered and then forbidden, and therefore almost forgotten fish of extremely fine meat. Fine as fine as this Mr. Riesling.

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About the winery
We have dedicated our lives to the production of top quality wine to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates. Wine production is no ordinary business. A lot of love, effort and work has been invested in it in order for every drop to be brought to perfection, in the full sense of the word. The tradition of viticulture of our family goes far back in history. In the very beginning, it was based on old domicile varieties, and the cultivation form was "Old Croatian, with a stake". By monitoring and introducing new technologies and trends, old plantations are restored and new, introduced varieties are introduced. Thus, in the early 1990s, old vineyards were replaced by varieties that are still grown on the farm today. We are one of the first farms in the Plešivica region to fill the first bottles of wine shortly afterwards under our own label and label of controlled geographical origin. as well as at the state level.

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