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Three Stars Brut


Brut, the classic method of second fermentation in the bottle
Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling and old Plešivica varieties gave the base wine for this sparkling wine, the first from the Jagunić winery, which they presented in 2016. Each variety, or combination of varieties, arrived from “their” vineyard in the famous Plešivica position Hrvojka.

It smells extremely ripe, it feels like it has been on another fermentation in the bottle for 18 months. But it also has freshness. Through the smell of brioche and bread crust, a green apple first breaks through, which is on the verge of ripeness, has citrus, lime mostly, and then comes the delicate smell of pineapple.

The taste is rich and delicious. Let the ladies not understand it as sexism, but it will remind a man of a gorgeous brunette. This does not mean that he will not enjoy this sparkling wine in the company of a blonde or a brunette. After all, its name is “three stars”.
It is equally good from any tall glass on a stand, only that it has a chubby body and that its top narrows. It doesn’t have to be very cold, it is tasty at the usual temperature for white wines, and it can be drunk almost always: with white fish of rich taste like blacksmith or large gilthead sea bream, cold roast meat with lots of vegetables or in intimate company before going to bed.

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About the winery
We have dedicated our lives to the production of top quality wine to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates. Wine production is no ordinary business. A lot of love, effort and work has been invested in it in order for every drop to be brought to perfection, in the full sense of the word. The tradition of viticulture of our family goes far back in history. In the very beginning, it was based on old domicile varieties, and the cultivation form was "Old Croatian, with a stake". By monitoring and introducing new technologies and trends, old plantations are restored and new, introduced varieties are introduced. Thus, in the early 1990s, old vineyards were replaced by varieties that are still grown on the farm today. We are one of the first farms in the Plešivica region to fill the first bottles of wine shortly afterwards under our own label and label of controlled geographical origin. as well as at the state level.

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